that Mongolian BBQ really gave me the ring sting

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Bernie Sanders: [drinking straight from a tap in a maple tree] yo this syrup is dummy thicc

*This message brought to you by the Vermont Tourism Board*

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remember to take off your "i voted sticker" before going into the polls to vote again!

My best performing toot is the one where I discussed my job at the dick-sucking factory smh

All I could think about today was Joanne the Scammer taking a hit off her ex-boyfriend’s blunt and smirking as she admonished him saying, “This shit isn’t even loud.”

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RT We, Google employees and contractors, will walkout on November 1 at 11:10am to demand these five real changes. #googlewalkout


Another day, another dollar. I love my job at the dick-sucking factory.

Almost lost my $70 a pill HIV med down the drain. I screamed like a banshee.

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please stop boosting your shit 2 hours after you posted it. if i liked it the first time i saw it i would have faved

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React, Rails, and the degradation of the developer experience

The web development field is a mess. Tutorials only 6 months old are out of date. I'm dependent on stac

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