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Still negotiating my bed or the day

Pet peeve: while waiting for a dick to suck at my local adult bookstore, guys who strike up a conversation and won’t stop cockblocking. They are figuratively knocking potential cocks from my mouth.

Dubious about this guy on Grindr whose profile name is “Regular guy” 🤔

When they say “masc” do they mean guys who don’t use hair gel?

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@gayhobbes Thank you for always liking my toot replies even when they don’t deserve it.

Here a toot, there a toot, everywhere a toot toot

I wish siri would stop autocorrecting gooch to pooch

What’s this hear about the instance being cancelled?

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following the same 2 people on 18 different instances

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Y'all ever just think about girls and you're like, "woah."

My new name on here will now be Brett “I like beer” Kavenaugh

I cackled out loud at Fahrenheit 11/9 when they cut to people sobbing in the Javits Convention Center on 11/8

I feel really good about my new plan of delaying all the work I need to do until tomorrow.

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holy fuck I hate fucking capitalists

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